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Anne's Dictionary

Post by awesome24712 »

-=Anne's Dictionary=-

Ammo- Non-existent. Retrieval of new weapon recommended, preferably AI hacks.
Artificial Intelligence- Provided all functions are enabled, deadly. If not correctly cared for, stupidity.
Crate- Object that gravity pulls down with a lot of force.
Cut- The big house, the campfire, the field, the roots, the beach, and a little bit everywhere in between. Just don't mess up the false cut and mix the cards up.
Death- When the tattoo fills up. Usually occurs during feeding frenzies of carnivorous creatures.
Dinosaur- A Pixelated, sluggish monster whose feeble bites can potentially harm inexperienced Annes. Killed with either gun or AI hacks. AI hacks recommended. Results may vary.
Force- Nothing, except on the legs.
Gravity- A force that pulls down on everything. Stops when one of the triangles comes in contact with a surface triangle, unless other conditions are met, such as interpolation.
Gun- Powerful tool with immense amounts of force pushing back.
Keycard- 12 Triangular slices and some GROFF burgers. Comes in multiple flavors.
Keypad- A device of which a code is inputted with the right index finger, or occasionally the entire right hand. Right index finger preferred. Choice is randomly selected.
Melee- Physical combat at close ranges. Not recommended. If necessary, interpolation works best.
Physics- A necessity when in the proper form. In dire situations, the friction parts and perhaps interpolation are sometimes forgotten by yee who is in control.
Severe Limb Dislocation- Stretching of right arm, with a lot of force.
Tranquilizer- Makes things stand at attention, ready for action.
Trigger- Severe disease that usually occurs when lost on a dinosaur-infested island, hearing voices in one's head. Other symptoms may occur, including random transformations of the properties of objects.

Feel free to suggest some more, I'll add them. :P
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Re: Anne's Dictionary

Post by LtSten »

Keypad- A device of which a code is inputted with the right index finger, or occasionally the entire right hand. Right index finger preferred. Choice is randomly selected.
Hah, I love it! :P Can't think of any others right now, but nice work awesome.
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Re: Anne's Dictionary

Post by DeadEye »

Perhaps a whole sub-category for Guns?

Handgun: Commonly found. Preferable method of application: Pressing against dinosaur head, then depressing the trigger.
Shotgun: Buckshot dispenser. Preferable against obstinate dinosaurs and the occasional door.
SMG: Uncommon, but useful nonetheless. When there's nothing else to spray and pray with, take this item in stride.
Rifle: Commonly found. Perfect for taking out the distant raptor.
Tranquilizer Rifle (passive toxin): Uncommon and not useful. Hope you can get away before your target wakes up.
Tranquilizer Rifle (deadly toxin): A wonder weapon, extremely uncommon. Preferable method of application: Aim at rampaging Tyrannosaur, then depressing the trigger (with a smile on your face, of course)
Mounted MG: Yippee kai-yay.
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