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JPDS Conference Room - public discussion

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so this private JPDS Team forum was opened some months ago now. i've overheard of a few people reading at least parts of the material here. in the event that people don't want to "mess up" the original topics here, you can use this thread to discuss or ask questions about the content. the hope is that people can see the dream which was originally had, how far short of it we fell, why, and how to avoid those mistakes yourselves. it's also here so that you're not all left hanging regarding the unresolved plot details from what was released. for pictures, it seems many still work and many don't. some time i will try to get some of the old missing maps linked on here, hoping Tatu has them backed up somewhere, but the main candy here IMO is to read the evolving plot details for the story behind the game, since so little of that made it thru into our release. have fun!

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"No, Doc. I'm soaking wet, lying in the damn mud."

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