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High Quality Ultimasaurus photos anyone?
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Author:  glitchhunter09 [ Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:53 am ]
Post subject:  High Quality Ultimasaurus photos anyone?

While looking for a photo of Ultimasaurus via Google image search, I found a Flickr account of this dude who does custom dinosaur jobs. Apparently he either has one of the few Ultimasaurus prototypes, or he made a custom figure form scratch and painted it. Though a lot of his other figures are most likely custom made as it mentions the word custom several times. So he's actually made some replicas of several unreleased JP Dino toys if this is true:

Anyway, here's the one of the three Ultimasaurus photos: ... otostream/
You can get a look at his profile here. I want to actually attempt to make a model of Ultimasaurus but Gmax's Tpm scripts don't want to run for some reason. It still won't read TPM files even when I run the scripts and put them in the startup folder and etc... So I dunno. I'm not sure if Slash_Master's around anymore but if he ever comes back, I'm sure this image and the other two will be a great addition to his Primal Chaos Project if he ever decides to revive it.

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