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PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2021 5:58 am 

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The texture is mip-mapping too soon to look nice. I don't know how to change that on a level basis. I will look into CacheDist to see if it is a model/level setting or a trespasser.ini setting.

I turned it into 4 256x256 textures and it looks a little nicer. But still pixelated.

I'm obviously going for a power line motif. Gonna have a radio station in the level. I haven't come up with any further ideas yet. Maybe a few puzzles for good measure, I'm no good at scripting though so my options are limited. I gutted a lot of the level items recently(like the ground layers and trees) to focus on adding game-play oriented stuff. I'm happy with the visual appearance of the "beta" so now I need to focus on making it fun. I REALLY need to get better at gameplay in my projects :)
My modeling skills are slowly getting better. I'm horrible at construction, buildings etc.

Can't wait to get good enough to make that new campaign for Trespasser. I know I will need help with the eventual campaign project. To replace all the game levels. I need help with a design script for the design of the mod. I can do the terrains but will need to find help from the community for gameplay/general design/ and ideas if I ever want to get it done. The obvious story has something to do with a 3rd island... But idk.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2021 2:37 pm 
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Pretty cool model. I made a custom comm tower model for JPDS once but lost it in an adware disaster.

A story for your mod should definitely be your own. A 3rd island sounds a little intense to me... One of the most common Tres mod themes is simply additional InGen facilities on unexplored parts of the island. What are some parts or locations from the game or other mods that interest you? And, mods don't have to be about Jurassic Park etc.

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