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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2016 11:14 am 
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I am creating a short game to relay my cannon of what happened after Hurricane Clarissa wiped out Sorna's facilities. In 'The Lost World' Hammond says that site B was struck by Hurricane Clarissa and the site was abandoned and the animals released and that is all the info we get on it. In Trespasser there are leftovers of what happened back then and in the movie we get decayed buildings and that's it. This is what I always think happened:

The Hurricane struck land, causing storm surges and some power failures due to collapsed power lines. A fallen tree made the perfect grip for the raptors to climb the fence and several other paddocks were taken offline by a short in the breakers. The last few essential workers of the island shutdown the island's paddock power and set the infrastructure to power conservation mode and sounding the evacuation alarm to alert any stragglers to the boats or offshore helipad.

Victor was a programmer working on the power conserving surveillance system that recorded footage when motion sensors were triggered, he had near perfected the first system and put it to use on Nublar. Victor thought the storm was too small of a threat to stop him from working on the project. A Velociraptor made its way to the office building Victor was in, Victor heard the noise and ran into his office and quickly barricaded his door with some crates. Victor recollects his fuzzy memories of his shoddy combat training from the park ranger when taking the job 2 years ago, He remembers he has a Lindstradt rifle somewhere in his office. Victor shoots down the Raptor bashing through the doors and traverses the island towards the dock where the evac boats were. The boats were gone so Victor took a raft to the offshore Helipad where the twin engine chopper was for last minute evac. Little did Victor know the offshore island was where the Spinosaurus paddock was located before a section of fence was damaged by the storm and it got loose.

I will post update pics and information regarding it

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