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PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:24 am 
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Please see for images and videos

Beach with Kyle McKisc

Some evidence tells us that all of the first level, Beach (BE), was covered with sand. In the beta and final, it’s grass instead, with a little bit of sand and many trees. Also, besides the small cove where Anne begins, there are cliffs instead of a beach front like the construction billboard shows.

1. Could you tell us what the beach originally looked like? Was it mostly barren or did it always have plenty of trees?

[km] I think it was still mostly barren ... the idea was to crash land the player on the beach and make them traverse through the dangerous island to get to the summit to get off the island safely. The tail of the plane was purely a simple reminder and reinforcement of how you got there.

2. Were there docks there, or was that only at the main harbor? If so, would these look like any docks at the main harbor, or else how would they look?

[km] No docks at the beach. Never planned. I doubt they would look the same ... the docks at the harbor had some purpose for offloading larger equipment/cargo - wouldn’t make too much sense to oofload large things at the beact - not a whole lot there.

3. BE has many foundations of an unfinished hotel on it in the beta/retail, but it seems a bit random and like there might have once been more. Was anything cut from the plans for this foundation? Can you remember any puzzles that were removed here, including ones that would be required to progress?

[km] Not much cut from here. The elements there were to help introduce the player to the game and the physics, etc. - a small area with things to experiment with and get some bearings on your controls.

4. In build 96, the only remnants of Anne’s plane are a tail, a wheel, and maybe some driftwood. There are voiceovers of Anne asking for the people she was flying with. Was there ever going to be more of the plane than this?

[km] I don’t think so - that was about it.

5. The monorail starts at the end of BE and stops at the end of Jungle Road (JR, JU). It’s pretty clear that the monorail went to the town, but there’s no sign of it in the town anymore.

[km] I’m not sure why it didn’t extend to the town ... that makes sense that it would. I do remember us having more issues than in other levels with regards to frame rate, so it may have been cut short because of that ... I don’t really remember the reason though.

6. How far did the unfinished monorail originally stretch towards the town?

[km] don’t know

7. Was there to be a terminus in the town?

[km] may have been ... wouldn’t be surprised if there was.

8. Were there going to be any rail car models?

[km] No. Wherever the monorail cars went - was likely somewhere not on the players path to finish the game.

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"...there used to be more benches, but InGen's workers removed them during the evacuation in the name of framerate."

PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:10 pm 
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-=TresCom Developer=-
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Tatu, nice work gathering up these interviews. T'was good reading. ;)

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