Trespasser Solutions - Playing

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Trespasser Solutions - Playing

Post by Draconisaurus »

This thread is for discussing any and all troubles had with simply playing the game, including modded content. For problems with making new content yourself, please see other thread.
I will be listing a bunch of problems I can think of here now, and editing this first post to include any other problems and solutions as people bring them up.


>>My computer won't read the disc! What's wrong?

Any number of things might be wrong. Trespasser is over a decade old, the CD may be damaged. *insert solutions for damaged CD-ROMs here* If your CD files are damaged beyond repair (or if repair is simply not a good idea), Trespasser can be found via certain online sources.

>>I can't install Trespasser!

Try running in compatibility mode. Usually does the trick.

>>I can't hear anything and cutscenes play really fast!

You have two options. You can use Big Red's ATX hack to disable detection of the proper DLL needed for the EAX audio environments, or you can simply download this, place it in your main Trespasser directory, and it should work fine.

>>Trespasser says I don't have enough space to play the game, but my HDD has lots left!

Trespasser is a bit fickle about that. I think it has to do with an assumed maximum HDD size, but I don't know. The easiest way to solve this seems to be to delete any SWP files from your install directory. Stand-alone demo engines don't seem to have any problem with this, since they don't have to unzip their SWP files.

>>Retail levels won't work in my demo engine / Custom Edition!

The demo engine is missing the loading images for the retail levels. Copy them over from your retail menu files - they follow the name format "li_**_0.tga" If you're using Trespasser CE, Matt has included new loading screens for each of the retail levels, so that will work fine.
However, in either case, the retail engine reads a SPZ from the \data folder and unzips it into a SWP file in your install directory. The demo engine only reads SWPs - you'll need to either load the level in your retail engine to grab the SWP when it comes out and copy it over, or use the SWPz utility to extract it yourself.