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 Post subject: All About SMK Video
PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 11:52 pm 
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What is SMK, anyway?

SMK is short for "Smacker" and it is a video format (like .avi, .mpg, or .mov). Though I can't tell you what the technical differences are, I can tell you that SMK has been used in gaming for some time now.

How do you make an SMK?

The tools to convert a video file to SMK are offered for free by the company that birthed the format. Unfortunately, Trespasser in its age has become quite stubborn and reponds with a Fatal Error when an SMK file created using up-to-date tools is called.

To create new SMK's for Trespasser, you must use an old SMK converter. New SMK's ("SMK4") are incompatible with Trespasser. Old SMK's ("SMK2") are compatible.

The "Old SMK Tools" you need can be found here:

Download the program, run it, follow the dated yet straightforward interface to "Smack" (convert) an AVI file to an SMK file. You can play the SMK file back using the same program. And there you go, a brand new (old) SMK file!

How do I get Trespasser to play my new SMK?

So you've made it this far. There are two answers to this question. Here is number one (for the rookie level designers):

Option 1 wrote:
You have your new SMK file (let's call it 'mynewsmk.smk').

Note now that Trespasser comes with four SMK files stored in the 'menu' folder:

tpassintro.smk (plays upon engine startup)
newgame.smk (plays upon pressing New Game)
end.smk (play when end game Action Type is triggered)
credits.smk (plays after end.smk or upon pressing credits button in menu interface)

You can replace any one of those smk's with your new one, simply by renaming your new smk ('mynewsmk.smk') to have one of those four names. Be sure to backup the old smk files!

Here is option number two (for advanced level designers):

Option 2 wrote:
Download the latest version of the ATX Patch using the instructions given elsewhere in the FAQ Database.

Place your new SMK into the 'menu' folder of your Trespasser directory.

Create a trigger in your level for the New Action Type 105 (SMK Playback) and set it up with a script similar to this one:

group TrigVID_Test = {
    string Class = "CLocationTrigger"
    bool PlayerEnterTrigger = true
    int FireCount = 1
    int ActionType = 105
    string Sample = "menu\mynewsmk"

Of course, some of those entries can be changed, but that I'll leave to your discretion and experience level ;)

Note that string Sample = tells the engine what file to play. Include 'menu\filename' but not the '.smk' extension.

Final Word

That about wraps up this little tutorial. Hope it helps you, and I look forward to playing your next level, complete with new SMK cutscenes ;)

You can usually find me on our Discord.


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