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PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:28 am 
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Trespasser Level Editing Basics
Basic Functions
By Slugger

This tutorial will walk you through the basics of beginning to construct your very own Trespasser level. This tutorial will cover rudimentary elements of level construction, and touch briefly on each program.This is a rough draft; if you come across any error, please PM me on the TresCom boards. Please note that screen shots may differ depending on file selection.

Required Programs
Here is the list of the minimal programs required to build your own level. Items denoted with an asterisk (*) are available for download free of charge from the Trespasser Community (TresCom) website:
• Legal versions of Trespasser
• The Trespasser Editor (TresEd) *
• GeomAdd *
• Mini Level *

Please note: Trespasser must be installed from the hard drive. If you have not done so, please check out this tutorial: ... php?t=1328

To download the other required files, browse over to the TresCom website, and under “Downloads” you will find “Utilities.” From there, download TresEd and GeomAdd. The Mini Level can be found under “levels.”

Installation of TresEd, GeomAdd, and the mini level are a breeze. Go to C drive, and create a new folder called “TresEd.” Within TresEd, create another folder called “models.” This folder is where we will place the extracted models from Trespasser for use in our new level.
Extract both TresEd and GeomAdd to the “TresEd” folder. Extract mini level to the “C:\tres cd\data” folder.

Loading the levels
TresEd uses the SWP uncompressed texture files when editing a level. These can only be created by the Trespasser program. So, fire up Trespasser. Once you reach the main menu screen, press [CRTL]+[SHIFT]+[Q]+[W] to bring up the level select screen. We’ll choose the Beach level to extract all of our models from. Select “be.scn,” and click okay.
Once the beach level has loaded, you can exit out back to the main screen. Repeat the procedure to once again access the level select screen, only this time select “minilev.scn.”
You can now exit out of Trespasser all together.

TresEd Interface
Cruise over to the TresEd folder, and click on TresEd.EXE to start it up. Let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the interface. You will be greeted by a similar screen:
Let’s look at the toolbar:

Moving from left to right, the icons are:
• New – Currently disabled
• Open – Opens a level
• Save – Brings up the save dialog
• Duplicate – Duplicates the selected object(s)
• Delete – Deletes the selected object(s)
• Move to Front – Moves selected object(s) to the front of the viewer
• Redo – Redo action
• Undo – Undo action
• Tscript Dialog – Opens the dialog box to edit the selected objects Tscripts
• Edit Position, Rotation, Scale – Allows you to edit the selected object’s physical properties
• Show normal objects – Show physical objects (trees, dinosaurs, guns, buildings, etc…)
• Show classes – Shows classes (triggers, sounds)
• Show physics
• Show Instances
• Enable Editing of Terrain Textures – Allows you move, delete, add terrain objects around (roads, grass)
• Center viewpoint – Centers the viewpoint on the selected object

[u]What’s a Tscript?[/u]
     A Trespasser Script (or Tscript, coined by Andres James) is a collection of values that are assigned to a particular object.  These values can be physical (dinosaur size, weight), mental (set dinosaur anger, fear, curiosity), or can be used as triggers (Boolean, variable, actions).  Tscripts are what control the dinosaurs and what occurs in the physical world.

Level editing
Select the Open button. The directory will already be set. Select “be-130.swp,” and click okay. A new dialog box will open with render options. Click okay.
Once the level loads, you can move about. Using the mouse, you can look around your surroundings. Your viewpoint is positioned at Anne’s, but if you move about, you will notice that Anne stays motionary.
Pressing Escape [ESC] allows you to move the mouse to look about. The movement controls are set up exactly like Trespasser’s default controls.

[u]Moving Around in TresEd[/u]

     Moving around in the Trespasser Editor is fairly easy.  The controls are the same as the defaults in Trespasser.  When you can see the mouse cursor, you are in a static mode; you can only move along the X and Y axis.  But by pressing [ESC] it will open up the world to you, and you can look around like in Trespasser.  By pressing [CTRL] + [1-6] you can control the speed of your view.  One is the slowest, while six is like a West African Swallow.

[ESC]   Allows you to toggle between selection or look around mode.   
[MOUSE]   In look around mode, moves your “head.”
[W]   Move forward.   
[X]   Move backward.
[A]   Stride left.   
[D]   Stride right.
[Z]   Move vertically down.   
[Q]   Move vertically up.
[CRTL] + [1-6]   Adjust speed; 1 = slowest; 6 = fastest   

To select an object, simply click on it with the left mouse button. After selecting it, you can drag it around by holding in the right mouse button. You can either double-click or click on the ninth icon (= looks like an open notebook) to open and edit the selected object’s Tscripts. Selecting the tenth button (= “XYZ”) allows you to edit the objects physical characteristics: position, rotation, and scale in the Trespasser-world, as well as renaming the object.
Let’s try a simple exercise.
To begin, select a tree. Click on it with the left mouse button. Click on the “File” menu on the top toolbar, and select “Export selection as TPM.”

[u]What’s a TPM?[/u]
     The Trespasser Model is a file format developed by Andres James and Martjin Bujis (AKA Remdul).  The structure of the file handles the objects better, and is the preferred export method.  Dinosaurs can only be extracted using this format.

A new dialog box will open up. Make sure that the first two check boxes are checked, and click OK. From there, you can choose the destination to save your model. Open up the “objects” folder, and click save.
Close out of TresEd. Open up GeomAdd. Click the “Import File” option.
Select which level you wish to import your file into; in this case, click on “minilev.scn.”
Locate your file in the “objects” directory, and click import. GeomAdd is now importing the file, and running a diagnostic on the level to make sure that everything is squared away. Click on the save button when the dialog box opens up.
Exit out of GeomAdd, and fire TresEd up again.

Your newly imported object should be at the coordinates 0,0,0. To quickly go there, hit [CRTL]+[G], which will open up a new window. Enter “0” in for all the coordinates.
Your object will be in the general area. Select it.
As you probably can see, it’s most likely protruding from out from the ground, not truly on the top. This is easy to fix. To automatically adjust the object so that it is flush with the top of terrain, simply select the object, and push: [CRTL] + [D].
To move the object, simply drag it around with the mouse while depressing the right mouse button. To move the object on only one axis, simply hold in [1], [2], or [3]. Depending on how the object is oriented, it will single out with only one axis, and you can drag it along that axis by pressing the right mouse button and dragging.
For further precision, select the object and click on the tenth icon on the toolbar, the one that looks like a “xyz.” From here, the object’s location and orientation can be set.
From this dialog box, you can also adjust the scale. This will resize the object.

You should have enough information to begin to tinker around with the mini level. So go out, and start to mess around with it! It can hurt to play around.

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