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Escape From Jurassic Park Mod
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Author:  glitchhunter09 [ Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

So what is this? Well back in 2009 and 2010. Draconisaurus and I were talking about Jurassic Park Rampage Edition in the Games board. I started showing him music rips of the 16-bit games I did, the topic went severely off subject and Drac got an idea from there.

The idea, was to create a mod based upon a mix of the 16-bit JP games from the 90's. Among them: Jurassic Park for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Jurassic Park Rampage Edition for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Jurassic Park for Super Nintendo, and Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues for Super Nintendo. I also recently thought of the Sega CD JP game as well.

However, the project has been canned by Drac due to lack of time. It's likely it may die if somebody doesn't revive it. I want to be that person, but my modding experience is very poor. As a result, I need some help from anyone willing to. I need modellers, graphical artists, voice actors, and anyone willing to help. I also need someone willing to help me with adding music to TPAs as this is the core of the project in addition to low quality cartoony graphics to fit the 16-bit game feel Drac had planned.

Here's the basic Synopsis Drac had planned:
- (Nedry) VC Escape / "Visitor Center"
- (Nedry) Underground Blitz / "Power Station Lev 1"
- (Grant) Rex Run / "T-Rex Trample"
- (Grant) Lost in the Park / "Raptor Rap" / "Interior Interlude"
- (Muldoon) Raptor Pens / "Pump Station"
- (Muldoon) Sewer Maneuver / "Power Station Music"
- (Nedry) Jeep Run / "T-Rex Carnage"
- (Grant) Aviary / "Aviary"
- (Muldoon) River Rafting / "River Run"
- (Hammond) Main Utility Shed / "Gallimimus Gallop" / "Raptor Attack ~The Jungle"
- (Nedry) East Dock / "Escape From H.Q." / "Seek and Destroy"
- (Grant) Boat Battle / "Cargo Ship" / "Protect the Gallimimus"

*Nedry steals the embryos and trips the alarm. He starts running toward the entrance through a maze of VC corridors as InGen security guards chase him down. He reaches several security-lockdown doors. At each one, he must start the hacking process to open the door and shoot down security as they come to get him. He finally reaches the main hall of the VC, only to be greated by even more security, automated turrets, and a bulkhead closes in front of the front doors before he can reach them. Needing to find an alternate way out, he shoots his way through the guards and goes into the VC sublevel, where he finally finds an exit into the underground tunnels.

*Nedry makes his way through the tunnels, battling security and compies, and finally into the Main Utility Shed. There, he shuts the island power off so that he can get through security gates from here on out.

*Grant is in an explorer when the power goes out. The fences nearby snap and a hungry T-Rex stomps through towards him. Grant makes a run for it through the park, the Rex following not far behind. Grant makes it to where he can climb down a tree into the paddock below, where the Rex can't follow.

*Grant finds himself by the North Utility Shed. He goes inside to find weapons - and dinos. After making his way through the shed, he finds a non-functional computer terminal, and Dr. Harding's security card. Grant leaves and makes his way to the Triceratops Paddock, wherein lies the Herbivore Utility Shed. Inside are raptors, spitters, and a locked room which he opens with the security card. This room contains a back-up generator, which he turns on. This supplies power to the computer in the North Utility Shed. This computer can open the Aviary gate, but requires a passcode. Grant finds the code in a difficult-to-access wrecked Jeep, comes back to punch it in, and goes inside the Aviary.

*Muldoon, meanwhile, leaves the VC to go to the Raptor Pens and secure them. The jungles between are infested with dinosaurs and dead comrades (and ammo). Muldoon's trusty spas shotgun takes raptors down quickly but requires lots of ammo. Inside the Emergency Bunker he finds a rocket launcher and ammo. He gets into the Raptor Pens and makes his way through the long winding levels down three floors to the bottom, where he goes inside to manually activate the emergency bulkhead for the top. He then finds an open drainpipe the raptors are using to leave the pens. As he locks it, he goes inside to pursue the raptors.

*Muldoon trudges forward through the sewer, killing raptors as he goes. He must go to each of the access points of the sewer to other buildings of the VC complex and lock them manually. At the other end of the sewers, he finds a nest of velociraptors and their eggs. Muldoon must find the flamethrower, which is located in the sewer systems control room, to burn the nest. After burning the nest and killing the raptors there, Muldoon exits the sewer system into the jungle beyond.

*Nedry is now in a jeep on his way through the park. Each time he comes to a gate, he must get out of the jeep to open it, exposing himself to dinosaur attack. The gates get a little harder to open each time. Ultimately he comes to a gate where a nearby Trike wrecks his jeep, and he must continue on foot. The nearby East Utility Shed, infested with dilophosaurs, provides weapons and ammo. In the shed, he finds the backup generator is dead. He goes underground to find a replacement battery, loads it, and activates the computer there. He hacks it and uses it to extend the bridge across a nearby stream. He crosses the bridge and finds the main road again, where he enters a tunnel in the hillside.

*Grant enters the Aviary at the ground level, only to be immediately picked up by a pteranodon and flown to its nest at the top. After it drops him, he uses the gun of a corpse in the nest to fend off the pteranodon and babys, then makes his way across the complex system of lifts and bridges that go among the Aviary's tall trees (and nests), leading to the bottom. Pteranodons swoop down from above as he narrowly avoids them and shoots them down as he goes. He finally reaches the ground level, which is infested with raptors. Battling his way through them, he makes his way to the lower exit by the river.

*Muldoon, who has just come from the sewers, meets Grant outside the Aviary exit. Together they get into a large raft and make their way downstream to try and stop Nedry from reaching the boat. Grant pilots the boat as Muldoon fires at attacking dinosaurs. The raft comes around a bend and their old friend T-Rex comes out of the jungle to play. The Rex walks right into the river and follows close behind. Muldoon fires constantly at it to keep it at bay. Things get bumpy as they move over rapids, but the Rex continues pursuit by cutting across jungle. Then all of a sudden, the raft comes to a waterfall and plunges down into the river below.

*Hammond has had enough of this bullshit and takes it upon himself to leave the safety of the VC and go out to the Main Utility Shed to try and turn the power back on. Aided only by his heavy mosquito cane, he ventures into the jungle and beats raptors and compies to death with it. Once inside, he follows instructions from Malcolm that lead him to the power room. He attempts to finish a complex series of tasks to reactivate the power while being attacked by raptors and more compies. Just after the power comes on, a final swarm of compies surrounds Hammond and he dies.

*Nedry exits the tunnel only to find that the final gate between him and the East Dock is electronically locked once more - and the island alarm is going off. He must hack the gate at a security panel to open it. Once through, he makes his way to the dock, where more gates must be hacked, while defending against InGen security guards. He finally makes it onto the SS Anne B, reaches the bridge, and kills the captain, allowing BioSyn operatives to reveal themselves and kill the rest of the crew.

*CUTSCENE: Grant wakes up at the bottom of the waterfall. Muldoon lies beside him on the shore, dead. As Grant mourns, two raptors come out of the jungle. Grant picks up Muldoon's spas and blows them away. Muldoon's radio crackles: Malcolm says that Hammond has died turning the power back on, and that Nedry was about to escape. Grant looks out towards the SS Anne B at the East Dock, where Nedry was making his escape, and sees that the boat is starting to leave. As it began to thunder and rain, he thought to himself that he would not let Muldoon's or Hammond's deaths be in vain.

*Grant stands on the main deck of the boat, weapon ready, as it moves through the ocean currents out to sea, rocking back and forth. Immediately he is charged by hungry velociraptors. He battles off dinosaurs and BioSyn agents as he makes his way across the ship, into the spaces below, battling an entrapped T-Rex, being almost flooded to death in the lower decks, and then FINALLY up to the bridge where Nedry is. But Nedry is ready for him, having rigged the bridge with electrical shocking devices. Nedry is also armed and dangerous, peaking in from the doors of the bridge to the upper deck and shooting at Grant. Grant finally figures out that he can disable the electrical shocks by destroying the computer that's hooked up the the ship's control panel. After this, Nedry runs back to the middle of the ship and into safety. When Grant follows, he's met with several raptors and spitters he must fight off. After doing so, he pursues Nedry, who stands at the back of the ship, firing at Grant. As he does this, though, he gets scared and trips, falling backwards over the railing. As the camera pans back, Costa Rican coastguard helicopters are seen coming towards the boat to stop it and rescue Grant. GAME OVER!
*CUTSCENE: Credits roll. End scene: Nedry has actually gotten onto a small rowboat from the SS Anne B. He's rowing out to sea... but just then, a dilophosaurus head pops out from the tarp on the boat. "Nice boy!" Then it hisses and procedes to eat Dennis Nedry. "AAAAHHYYYYAAAHHYAAHHHHHH......"

I think I posted some sound effects from the games in the JPRE thread. I'll check.
Be sure to look at this topic below for a download of the old test level Drac made before canning the project.

Author:  machf [ Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

Hmmm... some time ago, there was some discussion about a project very similar to this one, IIRC...

Author:  glitchhunter09 [ Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

Yeah, I started it. At the time though, I didn't make an official thread but a poll to see which of project idea I wanted to do first. Anyway, this is the official board for the said project that was originally started by Draco but never went very far beyond a tiny test level and the text above. Some of the structure ideas and planned music did get put into JPDS though.

Author:  machf [ Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

No, I don't mean that poll... I mean a discussion about a very similar idea.

Author:  glitchhunter09 [ Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

Hmmm... Perhaps the thread I linked to in my first post and is also in this new board? =P

Author:  machf [ Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

No, it was a private discussion...

Author:  glitchhunter09 [ Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

Ah. Okay then. Nevermind. lol.

Author:  Draconisaurus [ Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

fun to see you working on this, Glitch. it certainly had potential as an idea, tho is a rather large project. i suggest focusing on one or two levels for now, in case that's all you can manage. perhaps even choose the one(s) you feel you have the most material for already.

i'll tell you, the idea with the interiors was that i was going to make a set of repeatable corridor sections that could be easily linked with one another, and thus generally be an extremely easy modeling job. everything would be low-poly, and sprites. i encourage folks interested in learning how to use Max to use this project as a start-up. most of the work would actually be in simple textures, lots of object placement (a TresEd job), and scripting.

Glitch - in case no one steps up to the plate for modeling yet, i suggest looking into the way The Four Towers was constructed. TptDac used tons of repeating wall, floor, and ceiling segments to do his dirty work, having very little modeling skill himself. this can be a pain in the arse, compared to the rectangular corridor components (and others) i'd planned, but with just a little bit of work on textures, it WILL get the job done.
Tatu may or may not have a level i once started for someone called "MeteorEscape", wherein i imported the majority of Dac's tiling pieces in various sections. if you can get it out of him, it might help, tho the level might be corrupt so be sure to start a new one fresh.

Author:  tatu [ Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

I'm not aware that I ever recieved that level. The only stuff I have from this is what was released public.

Author:  glitchhunter09 [ Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

Yeah. I've played 4 Towers extended. Freaking thought the whole tunnel thing was genius. I even wanted to try it for a scrapped level I called Ultimate Tower but scrapped in favor of my test level. I was a bit disappointed no dinos appeared in Four Tower's secret lab's basement. Though because of the size, I know why. Of course, increasing the import scale of the tunnels may fix this.

Also, it's currently on hold due to the massive amount of other projects I have going on. (including a possible of Jungle Road and Plantation House reloaded all in one level. I've actually planned on extending Jungle Road as well from the start. I even got the gates working at the beginning of the level and now they open. (though the collision sometimes goes crazy.) Though, I'll save that for sometime when I have something to show for it.

Author:  glitchhunter09 [ Sun Sep 28, 2014 8:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

Well since Draco is back, this project may finally take off.

Author:  Draconisaurus [ Sun Sep 28, 2014 8:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

;) When do you want to get started? I take it from this you are open to working on it with me..

Author:  glitchhunter09 [ Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escape From Jurassic Park Mod

I may start it rather soon. Though I'm gonna have to really learn to balance out my interests. you can find me on Skype if you need to get in touch for some reason. my ID is glispy on there and my name is Justin Harris. And sorry for the late reply. Was off doing other stuff. like other games...

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