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Forum Rules - Finally revised and clarified
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Author:  hppav [ Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum Rules - Finally revised and clarified

This is to replace the antiquated original "Forum Rules" post by MikeTheRaptor and my anger filled pre-admin rant from when we were bombarded with a dozen hostile, rude, and all around argumentative new members called "Notes for New Members." Probably should have done this years ago.

About TresCom
- TresCom is short for the "Trespasser Community." TresCom is the oldest active Jurassic Park website on the internet. It unofficially began on Madppiper's personal message board in September 2001 with the unfortunate passing of TSOrd. After that the community grew and enough work was being done to justify the creation of a community. The name "TresCom" won out of popular vote and the site was launched in May 2002. On November 10, 2002 the forums were upgraded. The old forum from before that time was kept up separately until an unfortunate hardware crash rendered it unrecoverable. Since that time, we have worked hard on creating tools, assets, levels, and other things for the Trespasser Community to use to create their own levels and projects.

Using TresCom Tools and Assets
- It is required by TresCom that all tools and assets from the game can only be used by people who have legally purchased the game. Pirated or illegal copies of the game are unsupported for legal reasons.

General behavior on this site
- It is important to try to treat each other with respect, but don't forget that respect has to be earned. Those who give respect are more likely to get respect.

- Cursing isn't outright banned, but we would prefer that you keep it toned down - as in once in a while when the situation calls for it type of thing. We do not allow the use of the F word at all and your post may be edited to change the word.

- The admins are people who have worked hard and have earned their place on this site. Unlike other sites where there's only a handful of admins to moderate the forum, TresCom uses a different system in that admins not only moderate the forum, but run the site, communicate with individuals off site, and we all make cool things for the community. We expect that you treat us with respect as much as we expect you to treat the other members with respect.

- If you have a personal problem with another member, you may communicate with them via PM and sort it out that way, do not use the message boards. If you have a problem with an admin and try to settle it via PM and it doesn't get resolved that way, the admin is not allowed to ban you for that. Just avoid bringing it out into the open and let it go. That goes for both you and the admin.

Rules concerning posting
- No pornography or adult materials are allowed on this site. We do allow minors to join this site.

- A lot of answers to your questions can be found using the forum's search function. This forum has years of research/trial and error/etc going back to November 10, 2002. We lost the old forum we had prior to this, but most, if not all, of what we know is documented somewhere on these forums. If you cannot find what you need to know, then you can create a topic in the appropriate sub forum.

- When creating a new topic we ask that you keep thread titles detailed and specific so that other members can tell what your thread is about without having to open it. This helps with searching through thousands of posts to find that one thread from X years ago.

- Spamming is not allowed. This doesn't mean you can't advertise your own website or anything, what we're talking about is pointless postings, postings that link to viruses, etc. We ask that when you post that you actually participate in and add to the conversation.

- Bumping old threads is OK if you are contributing to that thread. If you are asking a question, adding a related bit of information, or providing a detailed opinion then you are fine. Posting "bump" is not fine at all, and more served to annoy anyone.

- Don't hijack someone else's threads. We don't force you to keep to the original topic, but we don't want you to walk into someone else's thread and ramble about something completely unrelated.

- We ask that you use the best grammar that you can manage. We have many international members and we don't want to cause unnecessary confusion. Broken English is fine if that's all you know. We'll work with you to understand.

- Double posting is only OK 24 hours or more after the last post. Prior to that you should edit your last post. To do a bump edit, select edit on your post, copy the text, and delete the post. Write a new post, copying the original post and adding "EDIT" before the section you add in. This will mark the topic as unread for people who read your original post, while making it so that it doesn't look like you are just trying to pad out your post count.

- We have many shortcuts for BBCode on the new post/topic screen. If you mouse over them, you will see what they are used for and how to place them in your text. Here's a few of the most commonly used ones:

[b]Bold Text[/b]
[i]Italicized Text[/i]
[u]Underlined Text[/u]
[quote]Quoted Text[/quote]
[quote="Person Quoted"]Quote[/quote]
[spoiler]Spoiler here[/spoiler]
[img]Image URL[/img]
[rimg]Image URL[/rimg] - resizes image automatically
[youtube]Full Youtube URL, not Share link[/youtube]

Rule Enforcement - Admin Actions
- General rule enforcement is based on the severity of the offense. Most times either we will tell you or one of our members will tell you that you have broken a rule and to not do it again. Other offenses may result in your post being edited or deleted, depending on what it is (Usually links to pirated material or illegal sites)

- Banning is reserved for more serious offenses. We don't want to lessen the impact of a ban by using it constantly. Instead how we use bans is that the banned user will get an opportunity to discuss the issue with the admin who banned them. Once terms have been reached, the member will be unbanned. Bans are left permanent only if that member refuses to work with admins or communicate with the admins.

- We value the privacy of our members. We will not try to find out who you are, where you live, or what you are doing on other websites. All we concern ourselves with is how you act on our website. Admins of other sites are not allowed to harass members they have banned or have a disagreement with and they are not allowed to demand our admins ban users for rules being broken on another sites. One of TresCom's admins, usually Madppiper, will PM or email the admin of the other site and try to settle it that way.

- Due to the ever failing nature of anti-spam measures, the admins are responsible for deleting spambot posts. If you see an obvious spambot, report the post using the "!" button and we will investigate and take care of the spambot. Spambots are banned and have all their posts deleted.

Author:  hppav [ Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Rules - Finally revised and clarified

Most of these weren't rules prior to this post. They were posted by me in "Notes for New Members" and most of the members agreed that they sort of became rules. I decided to actually put them together with the old rules, clarify our positions on a few things, and write down a few other unwritten rules. This thread will remained unlocked to allow discussion of the rules outlined above. If there is a modification to the rules, the admin making the modification will edit the original post and bump the thread informing of what was changed.

Hopefully these rules don't seem so hostile. I had feared that people would think of me as a mean ruthless dictator over that post I made long before I became an admin and events last year proved that at least a few people did. I'm sorry if I made that impression upon you, it's just that the situation that thread was posted in was a very tense moment in TresCom history where you couldn't post anything without being essentially cyber bullied. Things have never been that bad since and I have hoped to keep it that way, though I have caused some drama in my time I'll admit and I always apologized to the individuals involved. That doesn't mean that they accepted my apology, just that I have apologized. So far all but one certain site has accepted apologies from me.

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