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Diary 10: Raptors (September 29th, 1989)
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Author:  John Parker Hammond [ Mon Oct 24, 2005 11:59 am ]
Post subject:  Diary 10: Raptors (September 29th, 1989)

A long time no write,

Recently they most of the paper work ive had seem to be relating to our most vicious predator, The velociraptor. Regurdless of its continment, we seem to have to upgrade every so often as the raptors are much smarter then our other animals. About 2 months ago we had a problem while handling a raptor from our conservatory to their outside containment, only words i recieve was the raptor pushed the cart away because someone left it unlocked, and even while being suppresed the raptor still managed to grab one of our workers. because of that that is why we are taking extra careful measures when dealing with this beast.

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