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Diary 9: Expected Results (September 22nd, 1987)
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Author:  John Parker Hammond [ Thu Oct 13, 2005 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Diary 9: Expected Results (September 22nd, 1987)

Ah, results

The scientists at our newly constructed lab on SIte B have been sending positive results to us by private fax, we have word that most of our animals will be ready to be placed in their temporary "adaptation sancs" to ready them for their actual environments. Im going to explin briefly what ithe adaptation sancs are, As they mention, they adapt our animals more closely to our environments, theses are treated seriously, as its key for the sake of security and making sure we dont have such results as if you were to put a shark in clean water tank, it woul dindefinately run itself inot the wall and kill itself. We dont need our animals running into the fences, so for their safety, and ours, theses areas of containment are wonderful. The continments themselves go over a medium sized flatland, and the temperature is regulated to what it will be outside. this also gives us the oppurtunity to see and research wether we have to move them to different conditions, or the possibility of secluded, inside pens.

Other then that, i wont be writing for a week or so as im taking a week long trip over to isla Nublar to see how The Visitor's center is comming together, as im told its making good progress, and should be nearly complete when we have ours team of come down to oversee it.

thats all for now,


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