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Diary 8: Nedry's Systems (September 10th, 1987)
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Author:  John Parker Hammond [ Fri Oct 07, 2005 7:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Diary 8: Nedry's Systems (September 10th, 1987)

Ah yes, Dennis Nedry, how he annoys me so...

Nedry has started to compile and process all of his systems, his systems will work with our mainframe and be the electronical backbone of Jurassic Park, when i viewed nedry's excellent educational records and programming oddjobs, i am more then confident that his systems are key to our needs in such categories as security and environmental infrostructure. dennis has begun his ID programming last week, hes half way down the line as far as codeing for the Visitors Center, since its the core of the park, will need the up most amount of care and tinkering until its flawless. Unfortunately, dennis is not all good, as his manners and personality greatly lack cleanliness, i had to tell him to straighten up his desk like the other programmers of his group, and he did as i said, but simply murmured some comment which he should be glad i didnt here. With such an attitude he will always be behind the scenes. he should be done with programming in a few more weeks at most, with his love of wizardry and fiction, it may take a wizard to help Nedry, i dont see much else in his favor.

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