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Diary 6: The Ride of Jurassic Park: Land Cruisers (Aug 28th)
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Author:  John Parker Hammond [ Thu Sep 29, 2005 7:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Diary 6: The Ride of Jurassic Park: Land Cruisers (Aug 28th)

ola old boy, que ?

I havent worked on my Spanish, but i have been hearing more of it, and im told i should learn more on it before my next on site evaluation to Isla Nublar. The project is doing well. We have established more and more foundations for our buildings and such around the park, and our communications are already being built, we have had only a few delays as to what we should use for our main computer systems, besides the larger systems we have purchsed, we have much smaller systems that run such things as lighting times, which ive been told we have to abide by conservation laws, so half of our lights will shut down around 8:30 PM each day, guests that are not staying at our hotel will be flown out by 6:00 PM. Site B has seen better days, its been extremely busy in finalizing our animals for tranferral to their new habitats once they are finished construction. i have seen some of the "cells" they are being kept in, i dont have much say as to get outdoor preserves for the animals as the company doesnt want aircraft to spot them before we open.

Listening to the birds outside reminds me of my bungalo they are finishing on Site B, i love it there, i have opted for both Mayan and Inca archetecture and design, i have designed most of the home myself, once the parimeter of The Burroughs is complete, i can start to move my things there. It will be similar to the home i have on Nublar, except more of a getaway.

Plans for the main attraction of the park, our tour in our Land Crusisers is taking shape, we have made a deal with Ford to purchase a few of their explorers, of course they wont be like the normal retail explorers, but state of the art with An information touch screen on the front dash, high powered night goggles, and a new and different design exclusively for the park, they need to be changed so they will be able to run on a single line, they will not be driven by an employee, everything is self in Jurassic Park.


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