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Official Diary Update Information(When will you update JPH?)
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Author:  John Parker Hammond [ Mon Sep 26, 2005 8:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Official Diary Update Information(When will you update JPH?)


I have created a new system for updateing this diary/story that will both encourage our readers to read and myself to keep up with updateing. This is how it works:

I will wait for at least (30) readers to have read it (if the views show 30, thats what i mean) Only reason i had to up the amount of views is because the diary has become more popular since Madppipers update (thanks MP!) Then after at least 30 have read it, i will continue with the next installment. There will be times when i just make another installment when bored or what not, and dont go by the 30 people thing, but for now it just seems easier. So in short, enjoy the story, read read read! :)


EDIT: I have upped the reader count to 500 because it seems the diaries is more popular then i thought, and my time has been limited within the past few months. Plus i plan to do Lost World diaries too! :mrgreen:

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