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Diary 4: Those Damn Investors (August 22nd, 1986)
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Author:  John Parker Hammond [ Mon Sep 19, 2005 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Diary 4: Those Damn Investors (August 22nd, 1986)

Today ive woken to many e-mails on my laptop, why? ill explain.

The construction process on excavation in certain areas of Isla Nublar isnt as easy as we expected, we just recently had an accident where a worker was up high fixing some explosives to a wall when he fell and died by means of a bulldozer. I wont get into detail, i dont wish to see that, but i know its not a good site. So, now this has become the spark for investers, the one simple key that will fire up their inner dog to make their pounce on my park. This si soemthin i will not tolerate, as im sure theses types of occurences of death has happened while buying such greats as Disney World or Six Flags. Of course our corporate silence is not helping the situation, but i do believe they will pay their dues once i have them see the island when we open. Our investment firm, who isnt totally in agreement with me and secrecy, have asked i let someone come see the island with my peleobotanist and archeoligist etc to see the island for the one weekend. Ive only gotten his name from a call to our communications exec, Jason Tanner. And of course, it happens to be a close friend of mine, Donald Gennaro, i believe hes currently near one of our dig sites on inspection duties since the accident. Im sure i will have somewhat of a positive persuasal of Gennaro, weve been through alot to get to where we stand, and ill be damned if he goes against me now. Im hoping for the best.


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