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Diary 2: After The Meeting (August 16th, 1986)
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Author:  John Parker Hammond [ Thu Sep 15, 2005 8:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Diary 2: After The Meeting (August 16th, 1986)

Well, today was a gramatical error, old boy.

The meeting was brash, and indirect, most of the time im not one for sitting in an executive's chair foir close to two hours. But i do deal with it. For a while the meeting lagged, then the main point came forth, security. Deligates and execs blabbled over the security sytems we had prepared to purchse. They ultimately questioned Jurassic Park's security, which i gladly explained. The parks security it state of the art, with self- sustained systems that will properly run. They insisted there be some type of weapon system installed in certain "hot areas" in the park in case of the possibility of fence failure, but for my animals safety, that is not something im going to sign on, dear no. Im creating a wonderful experience, not am action film. The rest of the meeting consisted of expected construction dates, notes from our workers currently on the island, and a few problems that we had to deal with concerning air conditioning in the Visitors Center. I dear say Roslend did a swell job on expressing his ideas, not to say that i agree with his ideas on larger fences or incog viewing structures, but that i believe he did a good job. The lower execs are still wondering if our expected construction completion dates will be valid, we are on schedule, but there have been only a few design problems which we do have a team for. Design for the Visitors Center does look well indeed, just as i asked, too, i just recently viewed the blueprints our contractor laid out.

The main entrence is suppost to be a large cement stairwell, and we are suppos tot have constantly running stair-like water-falls on each side, along with some shrubbery, of course. The right side of the building will be scut so that our Land Cruisers can enter through the side entence, we have made for a small underground lot for repairs and storeing our gas powered jeeps, etc. Three large teepee like sections will compliment as the entire roof. As the whole structure will be concrete and we are plannning for all windows to be laces with black bars, that will each be electricuted for safety, however, noone of them will be within touching distance, obviously. I could go on and on about the marvelous design, but its something like this that is more personal, the topic must always change.

As for now,


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