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Diary 1: The New Ideas, Beginning Construction(Aug 15th,1985
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Author:  John Parker Hammond [ Thu Sep 15, 2005 2:08 am ]
Post subject:  Diary 1: The New Ideas, Beginning Construction(Aug 15th,1985

I believe its time again for me to endevor myself into the word of written fiction, and write more into my hefty diary then i have.

Its been three months since we started our project, and boy, has it been interesting, ive come to the comclusion that certain investors will not get off my back, so ive taken the necessary actions to keep what were doing safely confined amongst Isla Nublar. When i picked the island, and first arrived, i noticed it was beautiful, and much to my surprise, it looked like there were only certain areas in which we would have to get our construction workers and design team to make tunnels or ride the fences a bit longer then expected for mountians. Ive picked the best areas which i believe will be splended for the placement of the Visitors Center, the hotel wont be too far behind, as it will be the main tourist homestead for Jurassic Park. Much of the other design ideas are still popping in, and i hate to say those workers are still manageing their time with the foundation, im expecting the "VC" to be completed by the end of the year, other smallers things will be greeted apon its completion. To make the process sturdy, ive hired someone by the name of Ron Arnold to look over various positions that still need to be filled within the confines of our laboratories, hes been told to pick the best of the best that Ingen has ot offer, and im hoping he makes the right choices. No worries on me old boy, i know im making the right choices, once we complete the park a few years from now, it will be unlike anything ever seen, i plan to uphold my side of the bargain, Jurassic Park will open on time.

Its been a good night, but i am due for rest, as tomorrow i have another meeting with Rosefeld, as for now, old boy.


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