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PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:54 pm 
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DracoAlphaX wrote:
In this thread we'll discuss findings from dumping the beta SWP files and seeing what's to be found. So far, the only level I've done is JR. Let's have a look!

First off, before we even had the level files, we found out how large they were, and we knew the JR SPZ was considerably larger than the retail version. I believe this is because of the bazillion and one tiny textures I found at the front of it:

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

It's very strange, indeed! Every dinosaur, from what I can see, has had their complete texture set discombobulated per-triangle into individual textures. As if Trespasser wasn't already bad enough about too many separate textures... What could possibly have convinced them to try this out?

Next up, a fairly cool but unremarkable image:
A transition between standard mud and the streambed+old grass terrain. Seems to be a mistake that it has no opacity of any kind - tatu discovered that the object using it is at the end of the stream that leads to the Yatch Beach. But then, the Yatch Beach in Build 96 is a whole discussion in itself, which I'll get to..

Anyone who's played through the beta will most likely have seen this by now:
:D But then, there is this texture which comes right after it in the SWP dump:
Wtf is this? I dunno but it's a nice green color :lol: I wonder what it went on.

And last but not least! Tatu has confirmed that these textures are NOT used anywhere in the level. :( I think the PID should have their names, somewhere, but idk how to access that...
Image Image Image Image Image

Figured out what it is, yet? Yessiree, I've discovered the textures for the Previs rock face! :| Jesus frakin christ. How I wish the model were still in there. Anyway! Its textures are in JR - this of course suggests that the model was once in there. So, the waterfall in this image seems likely to be some version of the one seen in that previsual!
Hmmm. Upon further consideration, that thing in the background may not be a waterfall. It's a rather cleanly-cut rock face, if it isn't.. Whoooo knows. Maybe it's part of those rocks and boulders for the PH (I think I'll be putting it there, regardless)...

That's all I have from JR! I also discovered the painting of the horseman in the PH, which was apparently there in the retail.

(MICKEY!!! You removed the cool smilies! :( Please put them back :lol: Sam and I were just starting to have fun with them. I mean the crazy red ones.)

That's all I have for now! Tatu is currently analyzing the others..

tatu wrote:
DracoAlphaX wrote:
:D But then, there is this texture which comes right after it in the SWP dump:
Wtf is this? I dunno but it's a nice green color :lol: I wonder what it went on.

I just found out that this is the texture on the TrnPlacement object in the level, the retail use it too, but its the only level that use a color for it. the other ones use some kind of terrian texture or of the level

DracoAlphaX wrote:
Right, right.. Funny thing I think I actually discovered that a few weeks ago and just forgot.

Rexhunter99 wrote:
Funnily enough Draco, it's quite possible those models *might* be hidden in the GRFs as for the Textures and whether they are or are not used, I think I put in a feature into PID Editor that can tell you if a texture is used or not,it might be painful but it's better than nothing and just guessing eh?
(And if not, tell me ASAP and I'll go and put in a feature that tells you immediately)

Back on to the topic of hidden meshes, it's possible that mesh data is still in the level files, just not had it's reference made yet. See, from what I understand, the level files can have the Geometry, Materials, Scripts, in any order at all pheasible, (thought for us dumb humans, the apps were coded to save them sequentially, eg; Model, Material, etc after each other.)
Also, I believe it's a simple matter of checking if a certain things handle (CRC32 Hash) is referenced, to check if it's used (since I believe the boolean data in the GRF files that says if a certain chunk of data is used or not, doesn't get used by the engine so is rather useless and could be set to true when it isn't being used, if you still follow me.)

DracoAlphaX wrote:
Hmmm yeah yeah. It's possible for example to not have a -00 instance of a mesh in a level even though there is a model with that name technically in the GRF. TresEd goes dead when you try to delete an instance of an object with no -00 (or no-ending) instance. Haha so if we found out the name of the object, I guess we could try making an obj---waaaaait! You know that TresEd thing that happens, where you delete a dino reference mesh, and then GeomAdd tells you that a model is not used and would you like to place an instance at 0,0,0? This should totally bring up any unused models. I'll try it later, thanks for the idea...
(and sorry but I've not the time to check the PID tool right now, try yourself XD)

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