EastDock Videos

The first completed Nublar mod, by Draco and hppav!

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EastDock Videos

Post by Draconisaurus »

Have just posted a "new" video from production of EastDock (somewhat close to release), that I've had for a long time and never got around to uploading..

"Epic Fall"

For those who haven't seen them, I have previously posted three EastDock gameplay vids:
->Tres2020 Starter Kit

"Well, as long as you're under there, you can check the breakers," Thorne said. ... "There's a box right behind the front bumper. Over on the left."
"I see it." [said Sarah]
"The box is in backward. Flip all the switches the other way. Are you dry?"
"No, Doc. I'm soaking wet, lying in the damn mud."

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